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I’ve got a feeling… July 8, 2013

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Do you know the clean feeling you have when you get out of the shower? In Honduras it lasts until you open the shower curtain-there is a constant wetness about you all day, every day. (I think we are starting to get used to it!) How about the feeling of being a part of an encouraging community? I have found that in my team. The feeling of holding the world in your hands as you watch a baby sleep? Experienced that one here too! How about the feeling you experience when you know that you are exactly where God has called you to be using the gifts He has blessed you with? I’ve definitely had that feeling over the past week!  We spend our days teaching and interacting with children- in Spanish! It is hard to believe that this time last week we were just beginning to get settled in. The week has definitely been filled with opportunities to share Christ’s love. It has been a terrific week-with many awesome feelings and I’m looking forward to 5 more weeks here!

As a team we are working well together. We are trying to figure out everyone’s strengths and how we can best glorify Christ together while we are here. I’m having many opportunities to use my Spanish, which is really exciting! The housekeeper where we are staying is my new friend. Her name is Juana. I enjoy talking with her each morning. I am going to start tutoring the lady who cooks for us in math this week. She is planning to study to become a nurse and the missionaries who have been helping her are in the US for the summer. Her name is Paula. Hopefully I can remember how to do everything she needs help with!

We are getting into a normal routine of things-every Monday, Wednesday, Friday we are teaching English classes. It has been great so far! We started last Monday with 19 kids and on Friday we had 30. They said we cannot accept anymore, but I told them I didn’t think I could turn any away so someone else would have to do that! Hopefully we can make space if more show up (20 was supposed to be the cutoff)…Tuesday and Thursday we are helping out at a bilingual  school and spending the afternoon at the children’s center. Each Friday we are holding some type of community event-like a movie or game night! We had a great turnout last week! On Saturday we went to the dump in Ceiba. This is where the city trash is taken, and on the road into the actual landfill there are shacks where people are living. They scavenge for things in the trash and this is how they make a living. We had a day of Bible school with the kids. It was a bit crazy but lots of fun. We made butterflies with the kids and Elizabeth Pirkle snapped this picture of me while I was helping a little girl. She’s a talented photographer!


No super different foods to report! We have been doing a lot of our own cooking and eating lots of rice and beans. My stomach has not been happy for a few days. Dr. Pirkle gave me some medicine so I’m hopeful that will help! Please continue to pray for good health for the entire team as we are here. And for a praise-no more tarantulas! On Saturday after the dump, we came back and walked up the hill (mountain) behind our house. We climbed a water tower at the top and this was our view. We spent time there praising God for this beautiful land.

We truly serve an awesome God.

17 Responses to “I’ve got a feeling…”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    That is such a great picture of you an the little girl! I know you are makin a huge difference in their life!!! .. Someone they’ll never forget! I miss you and can’t wait to see you! Love always!!!!

  2. Momma Says:

    Sounds like You’re staying busy!!
    I hope you get to feeling better !
    I’m praying! I love the picture! It’s so sweet !
    We are very proud of you!
    Make sure you’re drinking enough water and
    Getting enough rest!! Miss u!! Love you bunches! 🙂

  3. Cindy Says:

    I love the joy I see on your face in that photo! Makes me know without a doubt that you are right where you need to be. Glad to hear that you and your team are working well together and seem to have your schedule under control. Hope you feel better…might need to leave off some of the beans! Honduras looks beautiful! Watch out for spiders (of any kind) and hurricanes! Love you bunches!

  4. Renee Woodall Says:

    Praying for you and your team. And I love your post!!! And that new pic is now my favorite (next to the one of you in the chair). I contine to be I inspired by you and your faith. Stay sweet…can’t wait to read more.

  5. Alice Jaynes Says:

    I agree with Cindy about the joy in your face! I imagine it’s the same joy you have in the classroom! I’m enjoying hearing about your adventures and how God is using you to touch lives. I hope you feel better, too! Prayers for all of you!

  6. lwright82 Says:

    I love this! Glad y’all are settling in and I can’t wait to see how God continues using you over the summer! Keep us posted!

  7. Ann Freeman Says:

    Praying for you & your team!! Love the picture!! Love You, Annie

  8. While I’m sure your conditions are difficult you continue to have an upbeat, positive attitude each time I read a post…you truly are inspirational!

  9. Paige Price Says:

    Keri, I am so proud of the person you have become. I know you will change many lives on the mission fields and in the classroom. I look forward to reading more about your weeks ahead! I’ll also be praying for you and your team!

  10. Cheryl Burkett Says:

    What a difference you are making in so many lives! Praying for you, but sure wish you were here to help out with VBS, but there’s always next year! Pray for OLB VBS next week.

  11. Mark Nelson Says:

    Keri, we thank God for what you are doing in Central America! All of us at Old Liberty Baptist Church are praying for you and your team.

  12. Lindsey Says:

    Hey Keri. Hope you are doing amazing. Praying for you.

  13. Momma Says:

    Ok!! I haven’t heard from you since Monday !!
    Send a message as soon as you can! Praying
    For y’all !! Love you bunches !!

  14. Annette Auld Says:

    praying for you and your team, Keri. We are so proud of you and your commitment to serving to Lord. Love seeing the pictures and reading your blogs. You are an inspiring young woman.

  15. Angela Lee Says:

    Keri, the photographer captured God’s love in action. How awesome is that? So thankful that your gift is to show His love to these sweet children, and that you have made a commitment to Him to do that. I am so proud of you. Praying that His love continues to shine through you as you minister to this community.

  16. Lindsay J. Says:

    Hey Keri I’m so proud of the person you have become your heart is so big and I’m praying for you every night.I love the pic of you and that little girl I can see the joy in your face. You are making a difference in the world, and I live you sooooooo much :)))

  17. Jennifer Says:

    I miss you :((( I hope to hear from you real soon! I love you bunches.

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