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We have arrived!! July 2, 2013

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We are safely here in Balfate!  We arrived Sunday evening after a long day of travelling.  The climate is very tropical, but beautiful!  It is definitely more muggy than South Carolina-if you can believe that!!  We are very close to the ocean (and hopefully will get to walk down and step in it later this afternoon!).  Eight members of our team are staying in staff housing dormitory rooms beside the hospital.  It is very nice!  I share a room with Lauren-who is going to be a sophomore at Furman next year!  We have a kitchen, but do most of our cooking at our leaders “apartment”.  Of course, there is no air conditioning-but where would the fun in that be!

No interesting or unusual food stories yet.  We have been cooking our own meals and that definitely has its perks!  🙂  We started out English class yesterday for children near the hospital.  We had 19 9-17 year old kids come to our first day of class!  We began teaching the Bible story of creation, worked on the alphabet, played soccer and taught them the human knot game.  It was a day of relationship building and I believe it was very successful.  We will work with these same children 3 times each week (M,W,F) for 3 hours each day the entire time we are here!  I look forward to the relationships we will be able to cultivate while we are here.  Today we went to a church and had a morning of VBS.  We taught the story of Noah to about 35, sang some songs, and played pato, pato, ganzo (any guesses what game that is??)!  It was an awesome time with terrific children. After using my teacher voice to teach the song, I got to hold the only baby who came and of course she fell asleep in my lap.  You can call me the baby whisperer!  🙂


     On the drive to our town from the airport I decided that I needed to find out about the spider situation.  Got to be brave, right??  So, they told me they have found tarantulas where we are staying…AAAAHHHHH!!!!!  So of course, I am really just praying that I can make it through without witnessing one, just like in Peru!  (I appreciate all your prayers on this too!!)  So, last night we got back to our house after dark.  I was the third person in and went back to close the screen door because the others were taking a long time.  As I was walking away from the door and into the kitchen I hear, “OH MY GOODNESS!  LOOK AT THAT TARANTULA!!!  And then this happened:


Thankfully the tarantula was outside, and I was inside.  God definitely was watching over me and let me walk in without seeing it and CLOSE THE DOOR THAT IT WAS 1 INCH BESIDE WITHOUT IT MOVING!!!  Thankfully Lex killed it (after scaring it and letting it run INSIDE!)…but never fear-it made it nowhere near me in my chair!  The missionaries say that they are not common in the house, so I’m hoping that’s the only one for the  6 weeks.  PLEASE, LORD!  Other than the near death experience with a tarantula, (I may be exaggerating a little!) I’m loving Honduras and looking forward to an awesome 6 weeks with tons of opportunities to share the love of Christ!

I’ll post again as soon as possible!

PS-Pato, pato, ganzo=duck, duck, goose   🙂


14 Responses to “We have arrived!!”

  1. Cindy Says:

    I knew it was “Duck, Duck, Goose” and you didn’t even let me guess! Sounds like you are already experiencing adventures….I can just see it now on the best-seller lists…”Tarantula Tales of Honduras!” Glad that you arrived safely, that you have a fellow Furmanite as a roomie and that you are enjoying working with the kids! Keep the posts and photos coming!
    Love from you favorite aunt!

  2. Momma Says:

    Hey Keri!! Sounds like things are going good! Except for the large spider (can’t spell that big word) lol!! Miss you bunches!! We are spreading the word abt your trip, everybody sends their love. I need to tell you something before you hear it from someone else , Lois died today , I know you’re going to be sad, but I know you would want to know!! I’m praying extra hard for you!! I love you!! Maybe we will get to talk soon!!!

  3. Renee Woodalk Says:

    Keri…I have watched you grow from a precious little girl with big beautiful eyes to an inspiring young woman. You encourage more people than you could ever imagine! I am so proud of you and how you trust our Lord and follow His will. I pray for your safety, your team and the work you are doing. Love you bunches!!!

  4. Momma Says:

    Pictures are priceless!! Sweet baby!! Love you!!

  5. Beth Wirtz Says:

    Dear Keri,
    I just read your blog and had to let you know what a wonderful young woman you are!!! I will be praying for you and your team and look forward to reading more about your journey doing Gods calling. I hope you NEVER see another spider the whole time you are there. Prayers and blessings to you precious lady!!
    Gods love,
    Beth Wirtz

  6. My heart kinda stopped a second when I saw the word “tarantula.” Aaaagh. Hopefully that will be the only experience you have with one this whole trip! We love you and look forward to your blog posts!

  7. Jennifer Says:

    I miss you so much!! Your post made my day! Please keep posting. I love you to the moon and back!!!!

  8. Pat Huggins Says:

    So glad you arrived safely! But, spiders? Yikes! I would have joined you on that chair! I don’t like ANY spiders, especially big, hairy ones! I will pray for you that you have encountered your only one for this trip! I am so proud of you, Keri, and so thankful that I was a part of your education that has brought you so far. Much love and good wishes to you as you go about the Lord’s work!

  9. Sarah Says:

    Yes, Keri. I can attest to the fact that you are the baby whisperer! So thankful that God is using you to bring comfort, hope, light, and life to those you meet in Honduras! You are well equipped to further the Kingdom in Honduras and I’m excited to read and pray from afar! Love you, friend!

  10. Anna Goss Says:

    Keri, you are such a brave young woman. Praying for you as you spread Gods love. Look forward to reading more posts. Love Anna

  11. Kim Says:

    Wow! Tarantulas and babies….talk about ends of the spectrum! Dwarfs our puny sc spiders!
    So glad you’re having a good time. Be safe and have fun! 🙂

  12. Peggy Jamespn Says:

    Hello Keri – It’s so good to hear from you. Love seeing you in the chair. I don’t like spiders either, although I did let a tarantula crawl up my arm one time. Just sleep with one eye opened. I am so proud of you and all you have accomplished and are doing in Honduras. Who knows – – – I may go with you next year! Take care of yourself. I love you. Your beautiful Aunt Peggy

  13. Jill Says:

    Loved your post! Glad you guys are beginning well! Prayers and love from India! Miss you, friend! (PS- I find myself wanting to answer in Spanish when people talk to me in Hindi… Wrong continent!)

  14. Mark Nelson Says:

    Hey Keri! Had so much fun reading your blog! So glad God is using you in such a great way! Praying the tarantulas stay away for the remainder of the trip! Also, you better not let that other baby whisperer, Jennifer, see those babies or you will have to bring her one home! Love you and praying for you! Mark, Natalie, Philip, and Linley

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