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So many mosquitos! July 12, 2009

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     Well, I thought I would be able to write something on here yesterday, but we had to talk with our supervisor and we just ran out of time to use the internet.  So, I’m sorry I’m a day late but I will try to make this one long and detailed!

     Last Monday we arrived in Iquitos and stayed there for the night.  It rained really hard and that was the first real rain that we have seen in Peru.  We got on a boat to go to our villages Tuesday morning.  We rode on 2 boats and our ride!  Then we got on the Napo River, which is the river the we had to take to get to our villages.  One group went to a village called Yurak Yaku and my group went to a village called Urco Maranyo.  When we got to our village we put up our tents and tried to get everything inside so that it wasn’t sitting outside in the muddy, wet grass.  After that we had church service.  It was neat to be in a church building…that was the first service I have been to in Peru that was actually in a church building.  The next morning we went to the elementary school and taught a bible story and some songs.  We had a lot of fun.  After that I went in the first aid building with the pastor/teacher/doctor and sat with him while he gave out medicine to sick children.  He tested a little girl for malaria while I was in there and he said that he could tell from her blood sample that she had malaria.  After that a little boy with stomach pains came in and he had to give him a shot in the butt.  He asked me if I wanted to do it.  Haha…Katy I know you would have done an awesome job, but I didn’t want to do it because I was scared the little boy would cry.  I’m glad that I was able to sit it on the clinic that day…it was a neat experience.  Thursday morning we got up and went to the high school.  My friend Melody taught a bible story and then I taught English.  It was a fun morning.  After that we packed our stuff on the boat and then had a baptism.  Eight teenagers were baptized and it was truly an awesome experience.  After that we went back to talk with some of the school kids and I gave away the gum that I brought with me.  It was kind of scary because there was a mob of kids following me around.  After that we told another bible story and then it was time to get on the boat.  We had to pick up the other team from their village and then we went halfway back to Iquitos to another village to spend the night.  We went to a church service there and got to sleep in a bed.  Pretty sure the bed was full of bugs, but at least it was a bed!  It was in this village that a ton of mosquitos bit me!  I just don’t know what it is about my South Carolina blood…but they loved it!  The funniest part is that the whole time we were in the jungle I didn’t see any moquitos…they just bit me and disappeared.  It was crazy.  Friday morning we got up early and headed back to Iquitos.  We went to lunch…and I was happy to pass on the fried alligator.  I think guinea pig is adventurous enough for me!  : ) Friday night we flew back to Lima, and we are here in Lima until Tuesday when we fly back to the United States!!

     One of the coolest things was when Melody and I went out on the river in a canoe.  It was awesome…except that we were horrible at rowing!  We had a lot of fun trying though!  I had to keep scooping water out of the canoe because if I didn’t we would have sunk!

     Tomorrow we are planning to go to an orphanage here in Lima.  I hope that it works out so that we can go!  Tomorrow night we are going to help teach a translator class here in Lima.  I think it is a conversation class, so we are just going to be talking with the students to help them with their English.

    Please continue praying for us as we are all preparing to come home.  We appreciate that!  Also, please pray for my Aunt Cindy.  I found out yesterday that she had to go to the hospital, and just pray that she will be feeling better soon and that the doctors will be able to know what is wrong.  Thanks so much for all the prayers, I know that they have helped me so much on the trip already!  I can’t wait to be home and tell you guys about all the awesome things that God has done on this trip.  None of the awesome things were because of me…they were all because of Him!  Thanks again, and I’ll see you in 3 days!

PS- Daddy,  I just wanted to tell you that I am so proud of the capitalization and punctuation!  You have improved so much!  Now you will have no problem e-mailing me when I’m at school!  : )  See you Wednesday!

I will try to write again before Wednesday!  Thanks for reading!


5 Responses to “So many mosquitos!”

  1. Hey Keri,
    I’m so glad that you have had such wonderful experiences on this trip! There are several things you have mentioned, however, that I would not put on that list…the potty, the guinea pig, the fried alligator, the bedbugs, the limited bathing, the mosquitos….but they are all now part of your life story! I know many people in Peru will remember your sweet smile and caring spirit as you have shared God’s love with them. We can’t wait for you to get home so we can hear all of the details of the trip. I am glad to be home from the hospital. The room was nice, but nothing beats your own bed (as you will soon know). I have to call tomorrow for a follow-up and I’m sure I will be going for some tests soon to try to find the cause of the anemia. Thanks for your prayers! Danny says hello and to have a safe trip home! We love you a bunch!

  2. Momma Says:

    Hey Beautiful Baby Girl,
    Well, it’s Sunday night…. so now we one night and two days…and we get to see your beautiful face!! I have missed you bunches and I can’t wait to see you! I’m very proud of you, and very lucky to have been blessed with two great children!!
    I pray you all will be safe as you start preparing for home!!
    I love you! Call when you get a chance!

  3. Aunt Peggy Says:

    Hey Keri – I was just thinking about your sweet Dad’s message without punctuation and capitalization. If he had gone to school for 12 years instead of only 11, he might know about these things! But as we all know, he spent first grade at home with Grandmama. I heard the school district was recalling his diploma. But who am I to comment on typing. I made an F in typing!!!!! No joke!!!! It will probably be culture shock for you to get back to the laid back lifestyle of Madison. If you have a hard time adjusting, you can always pitch a tent down by the lake or just go in the back yard and spread out your sleeping bag. Don’t worry about missing the skeeters. We have plenty of those! I am so proud of you and your willingness to share your faith with others. Can’t wait to see you at home. Love you – Your Beautiful Aunt Peggy

  4. daddy Says:

    hey missy!
    i see im still getting a little feedback on my typing skills well so what! your beautiful aunt peggy probably made more than that 1 F in typing ( i dont remember making any in my “11” years) when she was in school back in the 50’s but whos counting. by the way grandmama really needed me to stay around the house that first year -ive never told anybody that but i know you wont tell-i dont want grandmama to get in trouble!
    we’re really proud of all you kids and looking forward to wednesday i think momma wants to go on to atlanta tonight(mon) and hang out at the airport for a couple of days!!!

    love ya

  5. Momma Says:

    Hey!!! My beautiful missionary baby girl,

    One more night (monday) and 1 more day (Tuesday) and I get to see your smiling face!!! Your Daddy said I’m not counting right….. (See how important 1st grade is!!) LOL!!!
    We will probably head on to Atlanta early Wednesday morning…We (I) will be the ones screaming and jumping up and down when we see you!!!!…. I pray ya’ll will have a safe flight….and remember to take your benedryl (is that how you spell that ??)…anyway take it!!… I can’t wait to see you and we will bring you lots of surprises!!! I LOVE YOU! BUNCHES!! 🙂
    Your missing you and loving Momma!!
    P.S. Remember to send us your flight schedule so we can know when you land!! Well I guess I won’t get to talk to you again until you get back to the US!! Stay Safe!! Don’t talk to strangers!! SEE YOU WEDNESDAY!!!!

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