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Jungle July 5, 2009

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     So first I would like to say that I miss Jennifer (and everyone at home) VERY much!  I love you and I don´t want you to be mad that I wrote to Erin…I just wanted her to know that we named a sheep for her.  I promise to find you a whale and I will name her Jennifer.  🙂

     We are leaving tonight to head to the jungle and we will be travelling all day tomorrow.  We fly into Iquitos, which is part of the lower jungle.  We will then take a boat down the river for like 6 hours.  We are going to be sleeping in tents…and that´s pretty much all that I know.  We are excited, but I have to re-organize my pack so that I don´t carry a bunch of stuff that I don´t need.  I don´t think I will have a computer again until Friday, but I will write as soon as I can.

     Right now I am sick.  I think that I just have a cold, but please pray that I will be able to breath regularly again soon.  I got some medicine from the pharmacy (I´m not sure what it is, but I trust them).  Please continue praying for good health and safe travels!  Thanks for everything…I´m pretty sure that I have the best family, church, and friends in the whole world!


11 Responses to “Jungle”

  1. Aunt Peggy Says:

    Hey Keri – Just talked to your Dad. He was excited that you’d finally gotten to write again and that you’re OK. So you’re going to the jungle – We can call you Sambo (or Mowgli) now! Watch out for tigers!!!! Since you’re becoming so good at hiking, I know you’ll want to go with Robert when you get home. You’ll probably be able to teach him a thing or two. Trying to decide what animal I want you to name for me – perhaps a hyena or maybe a howling monkey. Will Google Earth Iquitos so I’ll know exactly where you are. Be safe, healthy, and happy. I love you – Your Beautiful Aunt Peggy

  2. Momma Says:

    Hey, Beautiful Baby Girl,
    It’s was so good to hear your voice again today… I can’t wait to see your beautiful smiling face!! It’s been way to long….
    What am I going to do when you find prince charming.. get married….have my grandchildren….and move far away??…and I don’t get to see my grandchildren (and of course you)…but on the holidays!!! I’m just going to have to go with you and be your NANNY!!! Wonder what your Dad would say about that?
    Jennifer would probably be glad if I lived in another country!! lol!!!…
    Well, I didn’t know if you were going to get back on your computer tonight…but I went ahead and sent a message just in case… Be very careful on your 6 hour boat adventure!!! and I hope the jungle is not too dangerous!!
    I pray you will get to feeling better!! Fix you some sick soup!! and think of me… Be Careful and We will talk to you again on Friday!
    I love You bunches!!!
    Your beautiful loving momma 🙂

  3. Shirley Says:

    Hey Keri,

    Well, it’s about time! I have spent the better part of a week logging on to see if you had left us a message! (just kidding!) It was good to hear that you all are doing well and finally getting something to eat other than RATS! You are a brave soul! Be careful as you travel down the river! Anaconda’s are everywhere!…. or at least all the old movies seem to be filled with them!! Take care and know that we are praying for you and your team! Be strong, Be BOLD!…the Lord our God is with Thee!! Love you lots!

  4. Hey Keri, I hope you are being VERY careful and safe in the jungle you are so much braver then me and i love you and miss you. hey its your fav cousin big ike i just wanted to tell u i miss u and love u

    I am on my 2 weeks of luxury. I can’t wait to hear about the jungle. I guess we call you Jane of the Jungle. Just a few more days and you will be home. Hope you are feeling better. Be Safe. Miss you. Your Lovely Aunt Annie

  5. Hey Keri,
    So glad that you made it back to civilization for a little while. I’ll bet Pizza Hut was really good…hope you got that shower before you went to eat! I want a pretty parrot named for me if you don’t mind…not some weird animal! Danny said to be sure and take a fishing pole with you on your trip down the river…might catch a big one! If you do be sure and take a picture. Hope you feel better soon. Can’t wait to hear about all of your adventures when you get home. We are praying for you every day and know that you are touching many lives!
    Love you,

  6. Aunt Peggy Says:

    Hey Keri – Grandmama and Papa are here. Papa says to watch out for jungle boogers and he wants a white haired monkey named for him. Grandmama says she can’t think of anything profound to say. Just wants you to take care of yourself and come home soon. They can’t wait to see your pictures and hear all about your adventures. I showed them where you are and they are amazed that you are that far from home. Grandmama also says to read Psalms 121 every day. Going to fix a tomato sandwich now. Oops – sorry I mentioned food! Love you bunches – Your Beautiful Aunt Peggy

  7. Suzanne Dobson Says:

    Howdy Keri! I got a kick out of reading what your dad had written. No punctuation or capitalization made the reading very interesting. Glad you are doing well. I hope you get to breathing better soon. I’m glad y’all are able to make it into the schools and share bible stories and play games. I can’t wait to see your pictures when you get back. We are all praying for you and your teamates safety and that you do the job God has given you to the best of your ability. You are truely experiencing something that very few people will ever beable to experience; just remember that when times get tough or when you are eating guinea pigs and potatoes (or whatever it is y’all like to eat over there). Stay safe!

    Your favorite, blonde, thirty-something, mom of 2, church member, who sits in the church pew in front of you,
    Suzanne 🙂

    P.S. Your mom probably doesn’t need to record all the MJ stuff because it seems to be on the television everyday, all day long! I think we will be watching this stuff for the next year! Personally, I’m getting pretty tired of it.

  8. Cheryl Says:

    Hey Keri,
    I’m sure you are counting the days until you are home to enjoy delicious food, a warm bath, and a comfortable bed. I also know you are probably forming friendships that will last forever. I know your family and friends are anxious to hear about your trip. Cody and Hunter are still enduring the stifling heat to help those Blue Ridge linemen keep power so everyone can remain cool, but I think they are anxiously awaiting the beginning of school. Take care and stay safe.
    Love, Cheryl

  9. Momma Says:

    Hey! My beautiul missionary baby girl!!
    It’s July 8th….so we have 7 days!!!! I know you won’t get to read this until Friday…. but I hope your jungle trip was fun, adventreous and safe! So it’s Friday!!!…now we only have 5 days!!
    Remember to take lots of pictures….and be sure you’re in them! Jennifer has been at camp with WFB..she is to return Saturday…she text me Monday…and said that she had been to a nursery home..and that it was the saddest day of her life.
    …but a good experience…she got some of their email addresses…I think she is going to email them… I wonder if they have cell phones.. she could text them!! LOL!!
    Well, it looks like both of you are having life changing summers!
    And by the way… I’ve taped about every Michael Jackson program… so I have it all on tape for you…( we can watch it together)… nothing much happening on General Hospital or Days…just the same old stuff….so you can catch up on that when you get back!!!….
    We about to leave for church…so I will talk to you later!!!
    Miss You Bunches and I Love You Bunches!!!
    Your wrinkled- gray-haired, popcorn loving, Michael Jackson fan, old fuddy dud, Momma! 🙂

  10. Chris Doud Says:


    I hope you get to breathing better soon … I sure look forward hearing about the trip and seeing the pictures. I know it will be a sad time and yet a happy time as you prepare to come home. We look forward to seeing you again soon. But I know from experience that it is also hard to leave the new friends you have made in Peru. It is always tough to say good-bye knowing that you may never see them again here on Earth.
    Also remember you may not get to see the fruits … but God knows you have obeyed and followed His will. It NEVER gets easy to say good-bye to the new relationships that are made on the trip … but remember … “friends are friends forever if the Lord is the Lord of them”.

  11. daddy Says:

    hey missy!!
    saw where your favorite blonde” forty ” oops thirty something mom of two church member who sits in the church pew in front of you said something about my typing expertise! if she only knew! i’d never get finished with all the caps and punctuation i guess i’m gonna have to take a typing course for older people! does furman have anything like that?
    everything’s fine around here hope ya’ll are having fun “camping out” we’re counting down the days till we pick you up… hope we recognize you
    well i’ll cut it short -just thirty minutes this time!! see you soon
    p.s…..hey Keri….daddy corrected my message….
    adventurous!! (I was alittle worried about that big word) and nursing home …not nursery!! lol !! and text..was suppose to be texted…(but that didn’t look right)….I need spell check…and he needs to mind his own business….He can spell but he can’t type…(bless his heart)…. I love YOU!! Momma 070909 🙂

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