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So many mosquitos! July 12, 2009

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     Well, I thought I would be able to write something on here yesterday, but we had to talk with our supervisor and we just ran out of time to use the internet.  So, I’m sorry I’m a day late but I will try to make this one long and detailed!

     Last Monday we arrived in Iquitos and stayed there for the night.  It rained really hard and that was the first real rain that we have seen in Peru.  We got on a boat to go to our villages Tuesday morning.  We rode on 2 boats and our ride!  Then we got on the Napo River, which is the river the we had to take to get to our villages.  One group went to a village called Yurak Yaku and my group went to a village called Urco Maranyo.  When we got to our village we put up our tents and tried to get everything inside so that it wasn’t sitting outside in the muddy, wet grass.  After that we had church service.  It was neat to be in a church building…that was the first service I have been to in Peru that was actually in a church building.  The next morning we went to the elementary school and taught a bible story and some songs.  We had a lot of fun.  After that I went in the first aid building with the pastor/teacher/doctor and sat with him while he gave out medicine to sick children.  He tested a little girl for malaria while I was in there and he said that he could tell from her blood sample that she had malaria.  After that a little boy with stomach pains came in and he had to give him a shot in the butt.  He asked me if I wanted to do it.  Haha…Katy I know you would have done an awesome job, but I didn’t want to do it because I was scared the little boy would cry.  I’m glad that I was able to sit it on the clinic that day…it was a neat experience.  Thursday morning we got up and went to the high school.  My friend Melody taught a bible story and then I taught English.  It was a fun morning.  After that we packed our stuff on the boat and then had a baptism.  Eight teenagers were baptized and it was truly an awesome experience.  After that we went back to talk with some of the school kids and I gave away the gum that I brought with me.  It was kind of scary because there was a mob of kids following me around.  After that we told another bible story and then it was time to get on the boat.  We had to pick up the other team from their village and then we went halfway back to Iquitos to another village to spend the night.  We went to a church service there and got to sleep in a bed.  Pretty sure the bed was full of bugs, but at least it was a bed!  It was in this village that a ton of mosquitos bit me!  I just don’t know what it is about my South Carolina blood…but they loved it!  The funniest part is that the whole time we were in the jungle I didn’t see any moquitos…they just bit me and disappeared.  It was crazy.  Friday morning we got up early and headed back to Iquitos.  We went to lunch…and I was happy to pass on the fried alligator.  I think guinea pig is adventurous enough for me!  : ) Friday night we flew back to Lima, and we are here in Lima until Tuesday when we fly back to the United States!!

     One of the coolest things was when Melody and I went out on the river in a canoe.  It was awesome…except that we were horrible at rowing!  We had a lot of fun trying though!  I had to keep scooping water out of the canoe because if I didn’t we would have sunk!

     Tomorrow we are planning to go to an orphanage here in Lima.  I hope that it works out so that we can go!  Tomorrow night we are going to help teach a translator class here in Lima.  I think it is a conversation class, so we are just going to be talking with the students to help them with their English.

    Please continue praying for us as we are all preparing to come home.  We appreciate that!  Also, please pray for my Aunt Cindy.  I found out yesterday that she had to go to the hospital, and just pray that she will be feeling better soon and that the doctors will be able to know what is wrong.  Thanks so much for all the prayers, I know that they have helped me so much on the trip already!  I can’t wait to be home and tell you guys about all the awesome things that God has done on this trip.  None of the awesome things were because of me…they were all because of Him!  Thanks again, and I’ll see you in 3 days!

PS- Daddy,  I just wanted to tell you that I am so proud of the capitalization and punctuation!  You have improved so much!  Now you will have no problem e-mailing me when I’m at school!  : )  See you Wednesday!

I will try to write again before Wednesday!  Thanks for reading!


Iquitos July 10, 2009

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Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know that we made it back to Iquitos from the villages that we went to in the jungle.  We got here this morning and we are flying back to Lima tonight.  I had the chance to use the internet for just a few minutes…so I wanted to let everyone know that I´m okay.  Still sick..but better.  I gave my medicine away because a little kid in the village needed it…I think it´s so awesome that I was able to help her!  God truly has a reason for everything!  I will get more medicine when I get back to Lima ( I promise I really am fine, Momma).    I also found out that mosquitos here love South Carolina blood!  I have a ton of bites and I used my 100% Deet bug spray.  It´s crazy…but they´ll be gone soon!  I will write more tomorrow when we get back to Lima!  Please say a prayer for safe travel tonight!  Thanks for everything!

PS-I didn´t eat anything really weird in the jungle…some people ate fried alligator…but I decided to pass on that!  I will write all the details about the jungle tomorrow!


Jungle July 5, 2009

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     So first I would like to say that I miss Jennifer (and everyone at home) VERY much!  I love you and I don´t want you to be mad that I wrote to Erin…I just wanted her to know that we named a sheep for her.  I promise to find you a whale and I will name her Jennifer.  🙂

     We are leaving tonight to head to the jungle and we will be travelling all day tomorrow.  We fly into Iquitos, which is part of the lower jungle.  We will then take a boat down the river for like 6 hours.  We are going to be sleeping in tents…and that´s pretty much all that I know.  We are excited, but I have to re-organize my pack so that I don´t carry a bunch of stuff that I don´t need.  I don´t think I will have a computer again until Friday, but I will write as soon as I can.

     Right now I am sick.  I think that I just have a cold, but please pray that I will be able to breath regularly again soon.  I got some medicine from the pharmacy (I´m not sure what it is, but I trust them).  Please continue praying for good health and safe travels!  Thanks for everything…I´m pretty sure that I have the best family, church, and friends in the whole world!


Goodbye Squatty July 4, 2009

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     First, let me just say that I´m sorry it has been so long since I have written…and thank you to everyone who has written a comment.  I loved reading them and found them all so encouraging.  So much has happened since the last time I wrote, but right now I am in Lima and I´m going to try to remember everything so that I can tell you all about it!

     Rhianna is feeling much better.  We were able to leave Huaraz the next morning to go back to La Merced.  We do not know what was wrong, but we are very glad that we decided to stay an extra night.  Throwing up in the squatty would not have been fun at all.  When we got back to La Merced we decided that we were not going to be able to go to Aija to use the computer or TAKE A SHOWER.  We just couldn´t find a day to do it.  So this morning I took a shower for the first time in 12 DAYS!! Can you believe it?  I was so disgusting.  But now I´m clean and I smell good!!  There isn´t a computer for us to use and there is one phone in La Merced…so we had very little contact with the outside world.  But a Peruvian did tell us that Michael Jackson died…but we didn´t believe him, until Momma told me. 

     So when we got back to La Merced we had bible study in Sipza that night.  It was a good bible study, but the guinea pigs in the room were extra loud that night.  While we were in Huaraz we got to buy groceries and let me tell you…I have never been so excited to see a loaf of bread in my entire life!  When I found it in the store you would have thought that I found 1 million dollars.  You don´t realize how much things mean to you until you don´t have them.  Small things like loaves of bread can bring so much joy!  We were able to cook when we got back to La Merced because we bought spaghetti sauce, and more macaroni and cheese.  We also took back sliced cheese and made grilled cheese sandwiches…they were GREAT!!  I really didn´t want to eat them because we had to keep the cheese out because we didn´t have a refigerator, but I decided that if I could eat the cheese that the Peruvians fed me in their house…I can eat the sliced cheese.  It was great to have things to cook and I enjoyed cooking with my team members…although I cooked the most!  (I thank all my family members who taught me how to cook…because my team members do not know how).  Enough about food…

     I cannot remember everything in order so I´m just going to tell you everything that happened in a very jumbled up way…I´m sorry.  So the Friday after we came back from Huaraz we went to Mallacayan, which is the place that Ryanne couldn´t walk to the first night.  We rode in a truck and had service.  It was FREEZING!!  But we had a good service and then we had to walk back down the mountain.  It was scary.  But my trusty headlamp helped me to stay on the path.  We had to go slow because it was very easy to slide…and sliding is not something you want to do when you´re close to falling off the side of a mountain.  We went slow and stopped a few times just to look at the stars.  I have learned that if we would only take the time to see the beauty around us that there is no way we could miss how awesome and beautiful God is.  The stars were beautiful that night.  I made it down the mountain without falling…I did slide a few times but my teammates caught me (I´m ok Momma, I promise).  We were exhausted after that and went to sleep.  The next day we had church in Carmen, and we all struggled walking there because we were so tired.  They fed us supper…potates with some kind of sauce and tuna/trout.  It was not the worst thing I´ve had, but definitely not the best.  The next day we had church in Sipza and it was good too.  (I know that´s very descriptive…but my brain just can´t remember all the details right now. I promise to tell more about church later!)  The next day we went to a birthday party for Jose.  He turned 4 years old.  We had cuy again.  I didn´t have much meat…but I ate what I could pick off.  We got someone to bake him a cake and he loved it.  It tasted pretty good too!  We had fun at the party.  Last week we were able to go to schools too!  I enjoy going and sharing with the kids.  We walked to the school in Carmen, or I should say we hiked to the school in Carmen.  It is so hard to hike when your body is exhausted, but we all made it.  When we got there we were able to teach English and share the story of David and Goliath.  We also sang the hokey pokey.  We had a lot of fun.  Then we walked back down the mountain to Sipza to stop at the soccer field and eat our lunch.  We had cans of tuna to half…and we got to make tuna sandwiches.  Then we took a nap on the field.  It was nice.  That afternoon we played soccer with some kids in La Merced and we had a blast!  My team one…and I almost scored a goal! (But Blake caught the ball between his legs…he was the other team´s goalie.)  I´m still a little bitter about it.  But we had a good time.  We got to tell them a bible story after we played.  The next day we went to the elementary school and taught English and the story of Daniel and the Lion´s Den.  We had a nice time with the kids and we went back the next morning for one last lesson.  We taught the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. (I was Meshach!)  That afternoon we walked to Carmen to say goodbye to everyone.  We played cards with them…their favorite game is Go Fish!  They absolutely love playing it.  We had a blast and then we all shared a bible verse that we find encouraging.  I shared Romans 15: 4-6.  I think those verses are encouraging for people everywhere!  We had to say goodbye and then we walked to Sipza to say goodbye to everyone there too.  It was sad because Nely cried…and we almost all cried then.  We went back to the house and Blake and I cooked grilled cheese sandwiches for everyone.  They were good!  Then we played cards with Nemesio because he loves playing cards with us.  We packed and finally went to sleep around 1 AM.  Yesterday we got up at 5:30 so that we could get ready to get on the bus at 7.  The bus left La Merced at 7:20 and we finally made it to Huaraz at 12:15.  We had to say goodbye to Nemesio there and he did it quickly…which is good because we didn´t have time to cry.  We got on the bus at 1 to come back to Huaraz.  It was a double decker bus and we were on top.  It was really nice!  We all had seats at the back and my teammates sat together…so I´m pretty sure that the back of the bus smelled horrible.  But the good thing was that we couldn´t smell each other!  🙂  We got back to Lima last night around 8 and then we went to eat at Chili´s.  It was the best food I have had in a month!  It was great!  Today we got to eat Pizza Hut!  Yum!! No more nasty chesse and potatoes!  YAY!  We are in Lima today and tomorrow and then we are leaving Monday morning/Sunday night to go to the jungle.  I will try to write again before we head to the jungle.  Thanks so much for all the prayers and the comments!  Love you all!

HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!!!!!  We are going to one of the missionary´s house tonight to have a cookout!  We are very excited!  Please keep praying for good health and travelling safety as we get ready to go to the jungle Monday! 

PS- Erin,  I just wanted you to know that there are a million sheep in La Merced and everytime I saw a sheep I thought of you and your sheep showing days!  So, Blake and I decided to name one after you.  We have a picture of her and we saw her almost everyday.  I hope that makes you smile and I have a million things to tell you when I get home too!  (You can write yours down if that will help you remember…that´s what I have to do!) 🙂