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Where does time go? May 8, 2009

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     Well, I thought I should add another entry to my blog soon…and there is no time like the present.  This semester has been crazy and horrible…but thankfully it is OVER!  I will never have to take Chemistry again…and I am thrilled.  Today I finished packing up my stuff to go home for the summer and I just realized how fast the past two years have gone by.  It seems like yesterday that Momma, Jennifer and I were meeting Erin and asking for a tape measure…who knew we’d be best friends two years later.  It’s just crazy to think how God works things out in life…I’m so glad that He knows what’s going to happen in the future, and that He’s in control of it all!

       Saying goodbye is one of my least favorite things to do.  But today has been a day filled with goodbyes.  First to M.E.-she has made such a difference in my life and I am so thankful that God allowed me to get to know her- then to Devon and Lexi.  I can’t believe I’ve only known them 2 years…it feels like we’ve been friends forever.  The thing to remember about goodbyes is that  you can’t focus on the goodbye part…you have to focus on the fact that your life is better because you have someone special in it who you never want to say goodbye too.  It is always hardest to say goodbye to the people who mean the most to us.  Thinking about all these goodbyes has made me think about last summer in Nicaragua and all the people I met while I was there and how much they changed my life and the person I am becoming.  I also think about the team that I went to Africa with, and how much I admire each of them and how thankful I am that God allowed me to serve with them.  I am praying that my trip to Peru will be filled with people who I never want to tell goodbye.  I believe God places people in our lives for different reasons and I just pray that He will use me this summer in whatever way He chooses–I pray that I will have a great relationship with the other summer missionaries that I will be serving with and I pray that I will be able to develop a loving relationship with the people that I am serving.  I cannot believe (but I am VERY excited) that I will be in Peru in 3 weeks!   : )

…where has the time gone?